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The vintage mind (set): Many of you may be looking at a vintage Marantz unit for the first time- that is a wonderful thing.  The ranks of vintage (70’s primarily) enthusiasts grows everyday.  These units have both a look and a sound that is very different than the black faced units found in today’s superstores.  The difference in the look is very apparent- striking extruded aluminum faceplate and knobs with a glowing blue/green dial face.  The rich sound, which is termed “warm” comes from the lack of integrated circuits (IC’S).  During the eighties, IC’s came on strong- reducing the size and the sound that came forthwith. As mentioned in other posts- units of this vintage will need to be serviced from time to time too- the beauty of these vintage units is, wait for it……. that they can be fixed!  Unlike the IC ridden Marantz and Denon units of todayWhen these units fail- not if, most of these new units can not be economically fixed- better just go down and get another new one.  What a waste!  Vintage units need to be fixed from time to time as well- but you don’t have to throw them in the trash when they need a little work! Realizing this simple concept is truly freeing! EVERYTHING FAILS that man makes- remember: WHEN NOT IF.  When you embrace that concept, it completely eases your mind!  So that vintage unit that you’re eyeing IS going to need servicing down the road- chances are way down the road.  Find a local stereo guy (This seems like a great time to sneak in a plug for Todd Wilson, “Master Audio Engineer to the Stars” who’ll start next week!  Don’t worry, more on Todd soon… ) who loves and works on these units.  Relax! Enjoy the rich warm sound that fairly drips from these wonderful units and know you just might be the only guy on your block that can experience what vintage Marantz means……Thank you and don’t forget to “Listen Frequently”…..


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