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We have over 17 different Marantz 22XX series receivers that change almost daily.  Our ever changing assortment includes: Currently in stock we have units from Acoustat, Akai, Audio Research, Axiom, Bose, B & O, Carver, Celestial, Cerwin Vega, Conrad Johnson, Eico, DBX, Denon, Dynaco, Energy, Genesis, Heathkit, Infinity, Kenwood, Klipsch, Janis, JBL, Leslie, Marantz (lots), Martin Logan, McIntosh, MGA, Miida, Mission, Monsoon, NAD, Precision, Pioneer, PSB, Sansui, Scott, Sony, Teac, Technics, Voice of Music, Yamaha.  We carry audiophile grade power amps, pre-amps, integrated amps, receivers, single CD players, speakers, tuners, turntables and tube gear.

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We buy, sell and service better audio gear.  Consignment available.  Typical terms are <$1000 @ 30% and >$1000 @ 35% to 40%


Owner: Richard Hayes