Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (Day 2)- A Quest For Value

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Once again today I was reminded how important content is.  When you come down to the store, bring a favorite CD or LP please!  I was in many listening rooms today a very short period of time, simply because of the music that was being played.  I know how to gage a system based on a Diana Krall or YoYo Ma track.  But not as well with a Fleetwood Mac cut, even though I’m rather fond of them.  If you do forget to bring your fave, don’t despair, we probably have it (thanks Chris!).

On to value.  Let me assure anyone reading this post is that we will not be carrying $25,000 turntables anytime soon.  It is very easy to become “price tolerant” at these shows.  $15,000 seems to be a number that is thrown around a lot.  What I personally kept asking myself was, “Where’s the value?”  Value can be found here at the RMAF, even at a $15,000 price point, believe it or not.

What I was more surprised at was how much could be had for $2,000.   I expect a $15K speaker to look and sound great.  At the RMAF, you are soon asking yourself “Whats wrong with that $2K speaker? There must be a LOT of difference.  Shouldn’t you hear a $13K difference?”  In some instances I could, but many, well, not so much..  Certainly if you’ve stopped by the store, you know $2K is at the top end of what you will find at InvestmentAudio and any of our units are worth owning.

Which brings me to the central issue.  New vs. used.  Is there value in new audio equipment?  Of course. But just as with a new car, you alone will receive the initial value.  No one will perceive it to have as high a value again.  You must pay for that privilege.  Used audio equipment like cars, can actually have more real value.  The average cost of a well maintained AR, Marantz, McIntosh or many other high quality units have remained the same or risen in many cases. Hence the name of course, InvestmentAudio- enough said!

Thanks and don’t forget to “Listen Frequently”.



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